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Justice League trailer discussion

Zack Snyder brings us the Justice League this November. The new trailer is out and Dan P, Dan S and Matt share their thoughts on the upcoming superhero blockbuster

The Official Trailer for Wonder Woman has landed.

Nazis, slo-mo and 'splosions ahoy! Twice bitten perhaps, but this actually looks pretty good.

Justice League SDCC 2016 Trailer

Justice League Debut Trailer SSDC 2016

Batman Vs Superman Discussion

Dan P, Dan S and Mat talk about Zach Snyders Batman Vs Superman. Did it live up to our expectations and are we looking forward to the new wave of DC Universe films.

NEW Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

Trailer number 2

Watchmen+HBO = WE CAN’T WAIT

HBO currently in talks with Zack Snyder for "Watchmen" TV Series