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Twin Peaks Mysterycast E03

Dan P and Grant dive back into Twin Peaks as the show continues to baffle and bemuse in the 5th episode titled "Case Files". Cooper is still living Dougies, Coopleganger is up to no good from jail and Hawk and

Westward Episode 6: The Adversary

This weeks episode of Westworld offered more questions and answers as always but the answers we got were more substantial than any until now. Where do we think it's going and what are our theories about who's how in Westworld.

Westworld Episode 4: Dissonance Theory

Dissonance Theory proved quite revelatory and while we still have some burning questions about where Westworld is headed it was nice to finally learn a few things. The Dans and Matt discuss what they thought of the show and where

Westworld gets new trailer

New trailer for Westworld TV series