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Mr. Robot_2.0 Episode 6: eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes Review

Imagine a world gone insane!

Mr. Robot_2.0_eps2.2_init1.asec Review

Tension mounts with the FBI and Dark Army, lots of little easter eggs to be found, the shows leading actresses steal the performances.

Mr. Robot_2.0 Episode 3 – ‘eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd’ Review

Elliot suffers a fatal system error, someone is after Fsociety, real character development

Mr Robot_2.0 Recap: Eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1/2 (Episodes 1+2)

Elliot descends into madness, Tyrell is gone, Ecorp and Darlene face off. Control is an illusion.

Mr. Robot_2.0. Everything we know so far.

Information wants to be free.

Mr. Robot 2.0 promotional poster art released

Banksy style street art posters for Mr. Robot_2.0