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Game of Thrones S7E3 – “The Queen’s Justice” reviewcast

This week, Jon goes travelling, Cersei consolidates her debts, Jamie goes house hunting and Tyrion broods.

Game of Thrones S6/E9 “Battle of the Bastards” Review

A Divergence of Dragons

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E8 “No One” Discussion

An episode of mostly filler This week, it’s just Mat and Dan sitting down for a chat about the latest episode of HBO’s apparently sprawling, character driven, unpredictable epic, and yet, this episode proved that whoever is writing this season

Game of Thrones S6/E8 “No One” Review

“I choose violence” Arya Let’s begin with the character to whom this week’s episode “No one’ is a reference. How on earth is Arya still alive / why was she acting so overly conspicuously last week?! She had her guts opened

Game of Thrones – S6/E7 “The Broken Man” – REVIEW

[Spoilers] Being decent in an indecent time never works out.

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E5 “The Door” Discussion

[SPOILERS] Hold the tears