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Twin Peaks Mysterycast Finale

Once again Twin Peaks has come to an end, did we learn everythng? No of course not but we did learn some things and we may have gotten a little more closure than the ending from 25 years ago even

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E14

In the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks: The Return we meet an old familiar face and dance along to an old familiar song. Dougie is in a coma following his accident with a plug socket and a fork. Coopleganger and

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E13

There's some fear in letting go has us say a fond farewell to a Twin Peaks legend. Mr C makes his journey to meet the long lost Agent Jeffries and Audrey is still deciding whether she wants to go out.

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E12

We are like the dreamer and we live inside the dream. Welcome back to g4me0ver's Twin Peaks mystery cast, grab yourself a bowl of garmonbozia and join Dan and Grant as they take a trip into the black lodge, the

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E11

What Story Is That, Charlie? is another slow burner of an episode but one where the questions about what is really going on in Twin Peaks start to take shape. Are doppelgangers to blame is the black lodge spilling some

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E10

Episode 12 of Twin Peaks The Return is a slow burner, to say the least. Dan and Grant grace the mic once more to discuss Let's Rock. Slow as the episode may be there are plenty of mysteries still to