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Favouite horror game moments

Forever in our nightmares The horror genre has always been a staple in gaming from Clock Tower to Alone In The Dark. Throughout the years we have had the displeasure of experiencing some of gaming’s most terrifying encounters and here

Why No Man’s Sky is an Important Milestone

The UK release of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ space exploration epic, is finally upon us. Boasting what could very well prove to be the biggest game world of all time with numbers of planets literally bigger than the human

REVIEW: Game of Thrones 6×4 “The Book Of The Stranger”

[SPOILER] This is the most plot progression we've seen all season

Outtakes and Bloopers – Game of Moans 3

Hopefully this will be regular too

Game of Moans 3 – Sex, Epic Tales and VR

The Dan, Mat and Aaron are back for another moan: This month, VR, 4K and Epics

300 hours in Eorzea (FF14 review)

One man's attempt to unbiasedly review an MMO he spent two years of his life playing. Filled with nostalgia, and all the ups and downs gamers have come to accept from the genre.