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E3 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Details

Saturday saw the grand opening of E3 2017, and with it came EA’s conference. The bulk of the developer’s stage time was dedicated to Battlefront 2, and it seems that they, reluctantly, have taken on board the vast array of

E3 2017 Podcast 1: EA

Dan P, Dan S and Aaron recap the first press conference of E3 2017. EA had a solid, if a little predictable, lineup but with a few surprises along the way.

A Way Out, the new game from A Tale of Two Brothers director

From Brothers to Cellmates

Nintendo Switch Predictions

The Nintendo Switch reveal is just a few days away so here's a few of the things Dan P, Aaron and Dillan are expecting along with very possibly...no make that probably baseless conjecture on our part. We will return after

Mass Effect Andromeda E3 and my hate for dev diary’s

Possibly one of the most disappointing things from this year’s E3 press conference came from bioware’s Andromeda Trailer, if you can call mashing a development diary, live action and snippets of gameplay together a trailer. They would probably have been

Halo Wars 2 first impressions

When the original halo wars hit store shelves back in early 2009 fan of the franchise were pleasantly surprised that the switch to RTS was a welcome addition to the series. With a combat system the worked both on pc