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Twin Peaks Mysterycast E04

Dan P and Grant are back at it with mad theories as they try to find their way through the woods to Glastonbury Grove. This week Cooper solves a case, some money is exchanged and Richard Horne goes from bad

E3 2017 Podcast 1: EA

Dan P, Dan S and Aaron recap the first press conference of E3 2017. EA had a solid, if a little predictable, lineup but with a few surprises along the way.

Alien: Covenant

Dan P, Matt and Aaron talk about Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus. Another prequel to Alien and one that promises answers this time around.

American Godcast E03: Head Full of Snow

American Gods third episode is one of belief and the power belief has. Dan S, Dan P and Matt discuss the continuing misadventures of Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday as they continue on their road trip.

American Godcast E02: The Secret of Spoons

Shadow and Wednesday hit the road in search of allies. Meanwhile, the world within ours becomes stranger still. Matt and Dan S discuss the ever bizarre events surrounding Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday in the second episode of American

American Godcast E01: The Bone Orchard

Neil Gaiman's American Gods has found a home on Starz and Amazon Prime. Helmed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller. A star studded cast and some of the most bizarre things on TV right now make for an interesting if a