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January 2017: Making up for 2016

2017 is here and let's hope it washes the bitter taste of 2016 out of our mouths. Here is what we think so far and why we are cautiously optimistic for the year ahead, and maybe a little rant about

Games of 2016 part 1

2016 is over and before we look ahead to 2017 join us as we look back at the games we played and loved over the last year. In part one we look at some of our highlights from handheld, RPG

Death Stranding gets a second trailer

Kojima is back baby!!!

G4me of Moans 4: 2016 so far

2016 hasn't really been the greatest lets be honest, with cancelations, delays and the No Man's Sky debacle to name just a few. In this episode of Game of Moans we cover as much of 2016 as we can muster.

Mass Effect Andromeda E3 and my hate for dev diary’s

Possibly one of the most disappointing things from this year’s E3 press conference came from bioware’s Andromeda Trailer, if you can call mashing a development diary, live action and snippets of gameplay together a trailer. They would probably have been

We Happy Few E3. Trailer

We Happy Few appears to take inspiration from a plethora of past works from the 2002 movie  Equilibrium to Ken Levine’s Bioshock but with its own special swing on things,   WHF is set in a retro-futuristic 1964 England after