Game of Thrones S7E3 – “The Queen’s Justice” reviewcast

This week, Jon goes travelling, Cersei consolidates her debts, Jamie goes house hunting and Tyrion broods.

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E10

Episode 12 of Twin Peaks The Return is a slow burner, to say the least. Dan and Grant grace the mic once more to discuss Let's Rock. Slow as the episode may be there are plenty of mysteries still to

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E09

There's Fire Where You Are Going is an interesting episode of Twin Peaks. Not much happens but each plot thread gets some movement. Dougie meets the Mitchum Brothers, Gordon and Albert's investigation takes a big turn and Shelly and Bobby

Game of Thrones: Dragonstone

Game of Thrones is back and it's truly the beginning of the end. Dan S, Dan P and Matt theorise and discuss as we lead into the great war. There is a Dany is in Westeros finally, Jon is still

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E08

Twin Peaks is only at the halfway mark and the mysteries are still piling on thick and fast. Dan and Grant sit down to discuss the latest episode "Laura is the one".

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E07

After a two-week hiatus Twin Peaks is back again with episode 9 titled This is the Chair. Dan and Grant once again try to make some sense of what they have just witnessed.