Twin Peaks Mysterycast E01

David Lynch and Mark Frost created a phenomenon not just a TV show when they debuted Twin Peaks in 1990. now more than 25 years later Twin Peaks returns to finish what it started. Dan and Grant sit down to

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

One last high seas adventure

Alien: Covenant

Dan P, Matt and Aaron talk about Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus. Another prequel to Alien and one that promises answers this time around.

American Godcast E03: Head Full of Snow

American Gods third episode is one of belief and the power belief has. Dan S, Dan P and Matt discuss the continuing misadventures of Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday as they continue on their road trip.

The Emoji Movie trailer is here, for better or worse…

Patrick Stewart Emoji happens.

American Godcast E02: The Secret of Spoons

Shadow and Wednesday hit the road in search of allies. Meanwhile, the world within ours becomes stranger still. Matt and Dan S discuss the ever bizarre events surrounding Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday in the second episode of American