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History Channels Vikings returns at 9pm!

History channel’s Vikings returns tonight at 9pm and the show have made it pretty clear that someone and most likely a important character to the series will be getting the chop by the end of this season. Which begs the

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E8 “No One” Discussion

An episode of mostly filler This week, it’s just Mat and Dan sitting down for a chat about the latest episode of HBO’s apparently sprawling, character driven, unpredictable epic, and yet, this episode proved that whoever is writing this season

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E5 “The Door” Discussion

[SPOILERS] Hold the tears

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E4 “Book of The Stranger” Discussion

[SPOILERS] Finally, plot progression

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6E3 – “Oathbreaker” Discussion

[SPOILERS] Matt and Dan discuss the most eagerly anticipated episode of the season

Some lovely Overwatch Beta Gameplay

Blizzard's foray into the FPS realm is very impressive