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G4me0ver: The DOOM review

One Hell of a fight, one Hell of a game

300 hours in Eorzea (FF14 review)

One man's attempt to unbiasedly review an MMO he spent two years of his life playing. Filled with nostalgia, and all the ups and downs gamers have come to accept from the genre.

Prospekt (Half-Life 2 mod) Review

Does it quench the Half-Life thirst the last 9 years has built up?

Star Wars Battlefront Review

Let the battle begin

PS4: Helldivers – Review

One of 2015’s top Playstation exclusives “We’re going to need a bigger gun” “Helldivers” is home to one of the most unforgiving and chaotic twin-stick shooters in recent memory, blending bullet hell with inspiration from movies like “Starship Troopers” and

Retroview: F.E.A.R

A look back at a FPS classic   The 17th of October marked the 10 year anniversary for horror first person shooter, F.E.AR. Upon its release it received high reviews across all formats, praising its atmosphere, horror aspects and immersion.