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Mahershala Ali rumoured to star in True Detective Season Three.

To Quote Tom Cruise in Interview With A Vampire "There's still life in the old lady yet!"

Hannibal: Silence of the Lambs mini-series talk.

Could it really be true? Possibly.

History Channels Vikings returns at 9pm!

History channel’s Vikings returns tonight at 9pm and the show have made it pretty clear that someone and most likely a important character to the series will be getting the chop by the end of this season. Which begs the

Inhumans to become TV series

Inhumans makes the jump from big screen to small screen...kind of

Hideo Kojima Praises Westworld

Hideo Kojima loves Westworld

SAG-AFTRA union voice actors to strike Friday 21st October over pay disputes.

Action set to approach the topic of back-end bonus pay among other concerns.