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Twin Peaks and The Birth of The Golden Age of TV

Twin Peaks and the birth of modern television

Westworld Series Finale Teaser

Westworld season finale promo

What is your favourite mini series?

When it comes around to talking about your favourite TV mini series you will find that everyone’s opinions are very diverse some will say that the new BBC Sherlock series is one of the best for its great performances by its two main leads and


HBO's visionary psycho-drama WILL return

Westworld Episode 5: Contrapasso recap.

Moral ambiguity and some good old fashion gun-slinging, we're along for the ride, but where is it that we're going?

Journey To Valhalla:- Vikings (Non-Spoiler)

Vikings in my opinion is one of the greatest television shows currently being shown at the moment, and if you haven’t already watched it but love HBO‘s extremely successful Game Of Thrones, I  hope to encourage you to give this