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EGX Spotlight: The Town of Light

Step into the light

EGX Spotlight: Frozen Synapse 2

The follow up to the 2011 surprise hit

“The Dark Tower” Poster Turns World On Its Head

We're cautiously optimistic

EGX Spotlight: Aperion Cyberstorm

Continuing our coverage of the many playable gems at this years EGX Rezzed, comes yet another twin-stick shooter; aPriori Digital’s Aperion Cyberstorm. What looks to set it apart from other games of the same vain is the addition of 1-5

EGX Spotlight: RiME

Exploration and puzzles ahoy!

The Big Score (Oscar Edition): Mica Levi / ‘Jackie’ OST Review

Mica Levi (Micachu), and her explosion into the film world in just two years.