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The Big Score (Weekly)

Mark Korven - Master of contemporary horror scores.

Captain America Civil War Review (Mild spoilers)

Marvel films currently seem to be a constantly moving train. From the flow of delicious intertextuality in flitting around from all the different new superheroes swooping in during every new film and leaving the audiences quivering in a gleeful mess

First trailer for “The Magnificent Seven” (+new images)

Antoine Fuqua tackles John Sturges' classic western. It looks good.

G4me0verDiscuss The Oscars 2016

This is a weird and controversial year for award season

‘Batman v Superman’ to get R-Rated cut.

Well, this is interesting You read it right, folks, 2016’s biggest superhero face-off IS GETTING AN R-RATED CUT exclusively for Blu-Ray. For our UK readers, that’s a 15 or 18 rating. Sure, the harder, darker, ‘Ultimate Edition’ will be for

video game’s V.S superhero movies the battle for the future

Will Video Game-inspired films succeed the Saturation of Superheroes? Ever since Marvel hit the big time with Iron Man back in the late 2000’s, superhero movies have been on something of a winning streak, at least on a financial level,