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2016 takes another great voice actor

One of the biggest names in One Piece, Blackbeard lost his English voice actor who passed away, November 18. At the age of 60. Brown was used in many Dubs by FUNimation over the past 10 years, some of his

Tokyo Comic-con Crosspaly Ban

Once again, December will mark the arrival of Tokyo Comic-Con; a landmark event for fans of creatives, characters and cosplay in all forms of media.The Tokyo event, however, suffers one major ideological difference from its Western counterpart (San Diego Comic

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo  Magnitude 8.0 review The world of anime is filled with a number of completely realized worlds that engross the audience in the creator’s imagination from the battlegrounds and lore of the fate franchise to the deserts and solunes of

Friday First Three: Black Butler

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