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Our Editors

Dan P

Hi, I’m Dan P. The inspiration to get this website off the ground came to me all of a sudden as if a message from the gods. People must hear my trumped up opinions on stuff, which they have probably formed their own opinions I proclaimed to myself, and anyone within earshot.

Erm…not really. I realised that most of what I talked about was Games, Film and TV so why not do something productive with my hobby, simple as that really. So I asked a few friends to join me on this venture and here we are 🙂

I graduated from university a few years ago with a degree in Film and TV and since then I have had a handful of jobs ranging from shop assistant (exciting right?) to a runner for the BBC and a few jobs freelance on short films. Right now I work at a cinema. The one constant in all these jobs is that I’ve spent a lot on my time making friends with the same interests and love talking about the Films and Games we have been watching and playing.

Some of my favourite films include the original Star Wars trilogy, Eraserhead (I was a film student after all) and The Usual Suspects.

The first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Megadrive, I remember my Dad and me playing on our TV in the living room all those years ago. When I was a little bit older I got a Playstation with the original Crash Bandicoot and my love of video games really began. I’m still a huge Naughty Dog fan to this day as it happens.

I’ve played through all sorts of games over the years, my favourite franchise is very probably Metal Gear Solid. I’ve played all of the instalments to death and know the story inside and out and back to front, yes, even the parts that contradict other parts!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings or at the very least find them mildly entertaining.


Isaac B

I’m mainly about the Animé and Manga side of things but I’ve got a small bit of console gaming knowledge too thanks to the Digimon, Final Fantasy and Pokémon franchises. I’ve worked in a Comic Book Store for the last 3 years and have been collecting comics/nerdy memorabilia for about 10+ years now.

My favourite animé series are Amagi Brilliant Park, Log Horizon, Azumanga Daioh, Tiger & Bunny and Cowboy Bebop.

My favourite Manga series are Uzumaki, Soul Eater, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Nijigahara Holograph and Flowers of Evil.

My favourite games are Digimon World, Dead Space 2, Final Fantasy X-2, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd and Ōkami.


Aaron H

I first fell in love with the world of gaming at the release of the PlayStation 2 and quickly worked my way through most of its library (saying that, to play every game on the PS2 is an impossibility). From the worlds of Primal to the streets of San Andreas, the PS2 was and still is home to some of the greats of gaming.

I quickly became an avid collector and moved on to other consoles looking for more unique and imaginative gaming locations; at the end of my PS2’s life, I was unfortunately unable to afford a PS3, and with the World Wide Web finally kicking off, I discovered my gateway in to the wacky and wonderful world of Japanese Animation.

In the 6 weeks holiday of my final year at primary school, I set myself the task of knocking off 12 different animé seasons (with my first real animé being Elfen Lied); I began to realise how different animé was compared to Western animation in the way the stories were told, and even more than that was how breathtaking the art styles are. From the trippy Dead Leaves to the jaw dropping Monogatari series, this was a world filled to the brim with endless possibilities and I loved it.

As a lover of all forms of entertainment, I try my best to have an open mind and to give everything an equal chance while writing my reviews but, like everyone, I too have my preferred genre of games, movies, animé and even when out of my comfort zone I like to think I give everything a fair shot.


Mat S

My name’s Mat; I’ve worked in a cinema and I have a Film and TV degree as well as a lot of opinions. At this point, it seems I live and breathe film/TV, so those will be the things i will write about.
I don’t know about anime, but I DO about live-action film and TV.

My favourite shows are Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Detective (season 1, obviously), Hannibal and many others

My favourite films include but are not limited Birdman, Fight Club, The Prestige, Nightcrawler and Lady Vengeance.

My favourite games are Devil May Cry 3, Final Fantasy X, Dragon Age Origins and Beyond Good and Evil


Hey I’m Bean/Dan B. I’ve been gaming for quite some time now. When I was a kid my Dad was of the opinion that a PC could do anything you needed, as well as play games, so consoles weren’t around until I started buying them. I’ve grown up with the classic FPS games of 90s/early 00s such as Half Life and Timesplitters, on the many platforms they were released on. I’m a PC gamer first, but I don’t neglect my PS4 or Xbox 360 because of it!

I very much live and breathe a gaming life, but I love going to the cinema and fully engrossing myself in a TV series too. I’m a massive Scifi fan across all forms of entertainment and that all started with Star Wars.

Although I haven’t been so much recently, I tend to spend a lot of time reading. That’s both literacy (praise be to The Dark Tower) and graphic novels (I reckon I have more Batman graphic novels than you do!)

Ben K

The first game I ever played was Tetris when I was 3 years old and I’ve been mad about gaming ever since. Obviously I watched some of the standard anime titles when I was younger (Pokemon, Digimon ect.) but I started getting really into it several years ago thanks to a little show called Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Some of my favourite films include The Shawshank Redemption, Napoleon Dynamite and Birdman.

My favourite animes include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and the monogatari series.

I could waffle on about my favourite games for years, but for the sake of a short intro some of my favourites are the pokemon series, jak and daxter series and the MGS series.