Mahershala Ali rumoured to star in True Detective Season Three.

With talks looking more serious, we could see a new T.D. Release as early as next year.

As first reported in The Tracking Board, Moonlight supporting star and Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali is near to closing a deal to star in the new season of HBO record breaking series True Detective. Following on from the Oscar favourite and his fantastic appearances in House of Cards and The Free State of Jones, also starring T.D. hero Matthew McConaughey, Ali is exactly the kind of breath of fresh air a new season would need to get the franchise back on it’s feet again.

Whether or not the much rumoured third season of one of the network’s flagship shows is going to make a comeback is something we’ve largely been kept in the dark about for a while now. After season one broke HBO records for most watched show first season, the second installment was released to a much colder reception. A large part of the problem with the more claustrophobic storyline and anticlimactic stakes being set for the leads in season two definitely being due to time constraints on Nic Pizzolatto and the creative team compared with season one, it’s nice to see that HBO are taking their time setting plans in motion for a future release. The difficult second season definitely doesn’t have to be the be-all-end-all situation for the show, and HBO has always maintained that they would be keeping Pizzolatto on for further projects.

Interestingly, while neither Ali’s role nor the Third TD season have been officially green lit yet, Pizzolatto has been working on writing new episodes, with David Milch (the mind behind Deadwood) being brought in to help, but not taking the position of showrunner. With the first few episodes reportedly already underway, we’ll have to see what changes to expect in the coming weeks and months, with an expected release date some time next year, our ears will be kept firmly to the ground from now on.

– Max Colbert