Square’s Best Bow Out

Thank you, Kamikokuryo and Yamagishi

Square Enix’s longtime Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo and Series Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi announced their departure for the Final Fantasy factory this week. Isamu Kamikokuryo was a 18 year veteran working as Art direction Final Fantasy XII,  XIII,  XIII-2, Lightning Returns, XV and on The 3rd Birthday for the playstation portable.

He stated on Twitter:

“Yesterday, March 31, I resigned from Square Enix. It’s been a little over 18 years since joining the company in 1999. It was a wonderful experience, from starting out as a concept artist for Final Fantasy X to Final Fantasy XV. I feel nothing but gratitude for the company that provided me with the opportunity to meet so many people and display my talent.”

Yoshinori Yamagishi joined Kamikokuryo in resignation, Yamagishi was series producer on Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. His 20 years at Square have seen him work on some of the biggest Triple-A titles.

Yamagishi said on twitter that he is contemplating “working on a new game with a different company,”

Japan’s new fiscal year starts on April 1st, so it is common practice for employees to end their employment around this time.

It’s a sad day for fans but a new and exciting time for these two artists.