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G4 Film Review: Mean Dreams – 4/10 (Some Spoilers)

At points interesting, but not one with longevity written all over it.

Game Freak are recruiting for “mystery” console title

Wanna catch em' all on your TV?

“The Dark Tower” Poster Turns World On Its Head

We're cautiously optimistic

EGX Spotlight: Aperion Cyberstorm

Continuing our coverage of the many playable gems at this years EGX Rezzed, comes yet another twin-stick shooter; aPriori Digital’s Aperion Cyberstorm. What looks to set it apart from other games of the same vain is the addition of 1-5

EGX Spotlight: Pawarumi

  With the London gaming convention just around the corner now seems like the perfect time to highlight some of the stand out indie games that will be hitting the English capital on March 30-April 1. One of the many games

EGX Spotlight: RiME

Exploration and puzzles ahoy!