EGX Spotlight: Knights and Bikes

Using the power of imagination

When we first looked at the vast array of games in attendance at this year’s EGX Rezzed Foam Sword’s Knights and Bikes managed to stand out from the crowd. With its distinctive artwork from Rex Crowle, who did art and design on Little Big Planet 1&2 for media molecule and was the creative lead on Tearway. Think Don’t Starve meets a gritty Powerpuff Girls, and sprinkle a healthy dose of the Goonies and you will have a good idea of what you are letting yourself in for.

Knights and Bikes is part action adventure part labour of love set in the late 1980s on the fictional British island, Penfurzy.

For single or 2 player co-op players will take the roles of Nessa and Demelza.  Explore their humble abode whilst whizzing around on their bikes. Nessa and Demelza will dig up buried treasure, stumble upon all manner of mysteries and get themselves into a whole heap of trouble.  The player will be equipped with an arsenal of tomfoolery, ranging from head-splitting frisbees to drowning water balloons and even AOE puddle stomping wellies. It’s all about the power of imagination and making your own fun.

For every friend that Nessa & Demelza make on the island, they will gain a new ability that will allow the duo to make more headway in the adventures and progress further across their island home.
Will you be checking out Knights and Bikes at EGX this weekend?

– Aaron