EGX Spotlight: Frozen Synapse 2

Continuing our coverage of the many playable gems at this years EGX Rezzed, comes a successor to 2011’s Frozen Synapse, the original instalment in the series was met with positive reviews and packed a stellar soundtrack and complementary gameplay elements in the vain of Hotline Miami.

The second entry looks to refine and expand on its forbearers giving the player more freedom over their objective and there preferred playstyle. Once again you take command of your elite team and step foot in a city of your very own; procedurally generated to be your personal playground. Every building and its interior layout is constructed by RNG and this can lead to some CQ mayhem (in a good way), all of this allows the player to always be on his/her toes and constantly be prepared for what lies in wait.

The biggest draw to the game for us here at G4me0ver  is the game’s use of a system that has you planning your moves while the action is paused, then hitting the “prime” button dropping the gameplay back into real time Allowing you and the enemy to execute their turns simultaneously.

Frozen Synapse is just one of the many games we are looking forwarded to getting our hands on in the coming week, what will you be playing this year?

– Aaron