“The Dark Tower” Poster Turns World On Its Head

“There are other worlds than these”

At long last, SOME kind of advertising for the long and cautiously awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s epic Western science-fantasy series.

The book series deals in the metaphysical and the metaphorical, the Old West and the apocalyptic, all in search of The Dark Tower, the “nexus point between time and space”. I see that in the poster.

The fans have wanted to see the adventures of The Gunslinger Roland Deschain and his quest toward the eponymous Dark Tower committed to the big screen for decades. It’s been a long time in development, abandoned by the likes of J.J Abrams and Ron Howard before finally ending up in the hands of Nikolaj Arcel.

In 2016, it was announced that not only would the film finally be happening and would star Idris Elba as the Gunslinger and the perfectly cast Matthew McConaughey as his supernatural antagonist, The Man In Black, it was also announced that it would be released July 28th 2017.

This was not met with the expected excitement, with many fans concerned that an epic like this with about a year until release would be a botched, rushed job. The only thing worse than no adaptation would be a bad one.

Stephen King supports the film, so that should fill us with confidence but we also know that the project was fast tracked and hastily re-worked in 2015. How do you re-work a story this sprawling with only a year of writing? How do you tell a story that’s taken its author over 30 years to write in around 2 hours? Sure this may not be the only film in the series, but are the credentials of King, Elba and McConaughey enough to get people flocking to see this film?

Will it be enough for a sequel to be green lit and for the Mid-World to be expanded?

Perhaps more perplexingly is that the director says that it will be considered a sequel to the book series. I wouldn’t be too hesitant to be that most of today’s cinema goers havent read the Dark Tower series, some may not even have heard of it, which begs the question: Who is the target audience?