EGX Spotlight: Aperion Cyberstorm

Continuing our coverage of the many playable gems at this years EGX Rezzed, comes yet another twin-stick shooter; aPriori Digital’s Aperion Cyberstorm.

What looks to set it apart from other games of the same vain is the addition of 1-5 player co-op (your enemies will scale with each additional player or A.I). It will also support a variety of game modes that will be packed with array of 20 different enemy types to keep your trigger fingers happy.

You’ll be tasked with getting your ass through over 200 encounters across 4 different worlds. To do this with some level of success, it comes equipped with some earth-shattering weaponry, your arsenal has “more than 1000 possible combinations” that will help to turn your enemies to dust!

The main draw for us here at G4me0ver is the allure of  “ONSLAUGHT” mode, a never-ending gaming horde that relies on the single most human instinct: SURVIVE!
Your enemies have no intention of stopping and you’re not going down without a fight, so we will be choosing our loadout this coming march.