EGX Spotlight: RiME

RiME and Reason

RiME is a third person, adventure puzzler developed by Tequila Works, who previously worked on the side-scrolling survival game Deadlight. RiME is a very different beast with a much lighter tone and art style, not to mention perspective.

Initially a Microsoft exclusive, RiME will now be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 26th 2017 and a Nintendo Switch Version is planned a little later in the summer.

The game has an almost studio Ghibli aesthetic to it and has drawn comparisons to Journey and Team ICO.

RiME sees you play a young boy trapped on an island

RiME is one of the games we will be playing and learning more about at EGX Rezzed so stay tuned for updates.

– Dan P