Skyblivion update

The dedicated workers over at TES Renewal Project treated us to a very welcome update today of their progress on the “Skyblivion” mod. It aims to recreate Cyrodiil inside of Skyrim! Along with the update, we were given a 4 minute video that sent us on a gorgeous trip through Cyrodill, seeing countless new/old regions with their luscious landscapes and lively city ports. All of this is just a fraction of what the end product will give its fans. Over the past year the team has made great progress adding many new additions including the “manually created NPCs, quests, and voiced dialogue, as well as its first in-game creature”. Projects of this size are a heavy undertaking that relies wholly on the support from the fans and patrons alike in order for the end product to see the light of day.

The project is now over 4 years in development now and it’s always a good thing to see the team at TES Renewal Project releasing updates and doing active Q&A livestreams.

Sadly there is still no release date at this time.