The Last of Us Part II annouced

I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

PSX 2016 brings with it the announcement that Naughty Dog has indeed been working on a sequel to The Last of Us.

While not exactly a surprise that Naughty Dog were working on the game, that’s been confirmed before and The Last of Us was such a success after all. What does come as a surprise, to us at least, is that the game will focus on Ellie and Joel once more. Rumoured seemed to suggest that the sequel would focus on a totally new set of characters.

Neil Druckman confirmed that Ellie is the star this time around and that the sequel takes place several years after the first game with Ellie being 19 now.

Not many other details were revealed and it’s far too early for a release date yet but Druckman offered a few tidbits on the games story and the direction the narrative would take. The first story was a story about love and Part II will serve as a “counter” to that in his own words “this story is about hate”..

For more news on The Last of Us Part II as it happens stay tuned

– Dan P