Death Stranding gets a second trailer

Do we know whats going on? No! Is that going to stop us squealing with childlike excitement? Hell no!!!

Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016, Hideo Kojima’s first game since parting ways with Konami and creating his new studio, Kojima Productions.

It’s the Video Game Awards and like the E3 reveal trailer this came as a complete surprise, I mean we all knew Kojima was going to be there but a second trailer so soon?! Just as bizarre as the reveal trailer here is Death Stranding’s second trailer:

We already knew Norman Reedus was involved since the devastating news that Silent Hills was to be no more after the Konami/Kojima fiasco. Silent Hills would have seen Kojima and film maker Guillermo Del Toro team up so it’s nice to see (and completely out of the blue) Del Toro himself appear in the trailer holding a container with a baby inside, yeah your guess is as good as ours on what on earth is going on there. There were rumours not to long ago that actor Mads Mikkelson was mo-capping for something with Kojima and here is the proof. One thing that’s worth noting, Norman Reedus is not in this trailer at all.

We still know practically nothing about Death Stranding only that it is an open world action game.

We will of course keep abreast of any new details as they occur

What do you think? How excited are you for Death Stranding? let us know

– Dan P