“Best Fan Creation” 2 entries removed from the VGA’s

The Game Awards, one of the biggest gaming events of the year for fans and industry members alike will be held on December 1.
Earlier in the week, the nominees were announced for each category but in little under a day, two entries for “Best Fan Creation” were removed from the official website: AM2R and Pokemon Uranium, with both titles based on Nintendo IPs.

AM2R is a loving remastering of the second entry in the Metroid franchise: The Return of Samus. The creators of the game were given a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claim earlier this year and as such can no longer offer the game from their website, forcing fans to find other means of acquiring it.
Uranium is a painstakingly crafted 9-year project that added 150 original species of Pokemon as well as a completely new region for fans to explore. The game files have since been removed from the creator’s site for fear of legal action from Nintendo.
It’s well known that Nintendo takes a no-BS stance on fan projects; they are allegedly responsible for taking down an estimated 550 titles from Game Jolt.
Their strict protection of intellectual property has lead a parody mashup of No Man’s Sky and Super Mario to create a new game: DMCA’s Sky.
All of this has left just 2 games in the “Best Fan Creation” category: Brutal Doom 64 and the Skyrim mod Enderal: Shards of the Order. Who gets your vote?