What is your favourite mini series?

When it comes around to talking about your favourite TV mini series you will find that everyone’s opinions are very diverse some will say that the new BBC Sherlock series is one of the best for its great performances by its two main leads and it’s British sense of humour, whereas others  may even go for this years Stranger Things, a show which uses nostalgia and inspiration from the 80s sci-fi and horror classics to create a product that successfully combines equal parts Goonies and The thing to give audiences something they didn’t know they wanted. But when it came time for G4me0ver to pick our number one mini series we were torn between our big 3 Firefly, Band Of Brothers and True Detective but in the end HBO’s Band Of Brothers came out on top.

Band of Brothers is a master class that every mini series strives to achieve, the series takes small or unknown actors and uses them to their fullest, actors like Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Dexter Fletcher give some oscar worthy performances. The series is home to some of the best episodes to ever hit the little screen from Bastogne to the very first episode Currahee every instalment in the show feels like a mini war epic and that in itself is a good enough reason to watch this landmark in TV.

What is your favourite mini series? Let us know in the comments

-Aaron H





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