Put aside another $40,000 because we WILL be returning to Westworld.

Earlier today, HBO Programming President, Casey Bloys, was announced that their star studded new flagship psycho-drama, Westworld, has been renewed for a second season due in late 2017 or 2018. It will be back for a run of 10 episodes and it’s been said that show creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have had ideas and storylines for up to 5 seasons.


The first season, which allegedly cost $100m dollars (the same as the most recent season of Game of  Thrones), has so far been a long and enigmatic odyssey, rife with hidden agendas and questions that have yet to be answered. It’s brought the fan theorists out of the speculation hibernation they normally withdraw into after the season finale of Game of Thrones airs and, over the past month or so, the viewers have gotten immersed in the lore and reality of the show.


The show has been such a complete tour de force on all fronts; acting, directing, cinematography, music, the list goes on. With a price tag like that, I expect them to continue with the quality they’ve been delivering. My only beef with the show is that it’s so caught up in the technical and the philosophical that it forgets the most important thing: the relatable, human drama, the story.




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