Diablo III is about to get even better

Stay Awhile and Listen

Diablo fans!! Are you in for a treat, Blizzard have announced that Diablo III will be visited by Diablo II’s Necromancer. The game pack will be called Rise of the Necromancer and while there is no price point yet for the add on there are details on what it will contain:

“In addition to unlocking the Necromancer as a playable character, players will also receive an in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil.”

But that’s not all, oh no, Blizzard have also revealed that the original Diablo will be recreated inside Diablo III (Diablo inception basically) in a patch called “The Darkening of Tristam”. A statement from Blizard exaplins in more detail:

“Celebrate 20 years of Diablo by traveling back into the depths of the Cathedral where it all began in this upcoming Diablo III: Reaper of Souls content update. Get ready to explore a monster-filled dungeon 16 levels deep, and come face to face with the four main bosses from the original game—all with retro touches like special graphics filters and eight-direction character movement.”

The patch will be live in the public test realm next week.

What’s even better then this is that both of these will be free to owners of the Reaper of Souls owners on both PC and console.

– Dan P



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