The Official Trailer for Wonder Woman has landed.

The trailer for the June’s WW release is here, could it be the big budget feature to save the DC film franchise?

We’ve finally been given our first peak at the eagerly anticipated Wonder Woman release, and not to sound too gushing given the state of this year’s big budget DC features, but it looks like it could be a return to form for the franchise. At the very least a solid, action driven narrative capable of setting the groundwork for a new era of DC comic films.

I think we can all agree that the less said about BvS or Suicide Squad the better. DC just have not been churning out quality material of late, and that’s a problem born of formulaic scripting, lack of innovative cinematography and frankly unreasonable stakes being set on a regular basis. In short, there’s only so many times you can really get invested in the total and utter annihilation of earth when you know that the outcome, whatever the cost, is a forgone conclusion. With that in mind however, it’s still pretty difficult not to get excited about the Wonder Woman standalone film dropping next summer (June 9th).

With Gal Gadot being easily one of the outstanding saving graces of BvS, it’s refreshing that one of the most anticipated 2017 releases so far has her at it’s golden helm. This is a film that could (barring one of the seemingly almost obligatory DC “editing disputes” in post-production) set the universe back on track in much the same way that the first two Captain America films managed to do for Marvel. We can all relate to the historical context of WWII as being instantly recognisable both stylistically and thematically. It’s a classic story of adversity against calculable odds with a brilliant fantastical (and feminist) twist which the genre has been crying out for recently. Mapping the story of the lost and curious Amazonian hero setting out to explore the her world in greater depth and being dragged into a battle of extreme risk and consequence, even when Batfleck gloomily scrolls through lost images of her as a mysterious fresh addition to his world (BvS) you immediately think “this is a film I want to watch”. And the trailer hasn’t let us down.

A thing of archetypal big-budget beauty, pristine and well polished and with the potential of telling a straight up good Vs evil story well, Wonder Woman looks from the offset to be able to have it’s cake and eat it, without losing itself in convoluted and pointless universe building.

This isn’t some scantily clad snooze fest, this looks to be a real, fun, family action romp with Nazis, Matrix-esque slow-motion sequences, wonderful panning landscape shots and of course, plenty of ‘splosions for you to chow down on popcorn and smile along with, and… was that… the utterly magnificent Robin Wright in a supporting role? At least for now, consider us sold.

More interestingly perhaps is the creative team behind the film. From director Patty Jenkins (The Killing 2011-2012, Arrested Development 2004 and Monster 2003) There’s instant confidence being built. That coupled with the writers being Allan Heinberg (Sex & The City, The OC and Gilmore Girls) and Geoff Johns (Justice League: War and The Flash), could it be that we have a combination of talent specialising in writing both populist superhero and female leading characters? Wow. Connie Nielsen, Chris Pine and David Thewlis all take supporting appearing roles, but none of them from the looks of this two and half minute offering are under any illusion as to who the star of the show is, and for a very good reason. She may be an Entourage and Fast & Furious veteran, but Gadot can hold attention of audiences with effortlessness, and this may well be her chance to break into real talent.

With a little bit of light comic relief (let’s hope that wasn’t every joke in the film, though), grounded story and that pounding drum theme to accompany the logo, yep, we’re excited. We all know DC can throw together a solid trailer, but could they finally be on to a solid film? Watch this space. Enjoy!

– Max Colbert



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