Tokyo Comic-con Crosspaly Ban

tcc_tokyo-logo-1-2Once again, December will mark the arrival of Tokyo Comic-Con; a landmark event for fans of creatives, characters and cosplay in all forms of media.The Tokyo event, however, suffers one major ideological difference from its Western counterpart (San Diego Comic Con): the new ban of male crossplay. That to say that as of very recently Men cannot cosplay in women’s clothing.The official site stated under the “regarding cosplay outfits” heading that it is “prohibited” for male cosplayers to adorn themselves in female clothing.As it currently stands, (and more likely, will remain), there is no rule banning female cosplayers from crossplaying as male characters.
SDCC has no such rules regarding crossplay male or female.For many years, Japan has had a long and happy relationship with crossdressing men across the whole spectrum of their media, from kabuki actors to the “trap” characters found in nearly all anime in one way or another. This restriction on crossplay is becoming increasingly common in Japan.  Many of the event organizers in Japan are worried that without the ban there is a chance that large numbers of male crossplayers will attend their events.With an event featuring guests such as Jeremy Renner and Stan Lee, this design by the organisers seemed a bit backwards and a conservative blow to the increasingly progressive members of the LGBT/otaku community.

Post update: the organisers have released a rules update revoking there privies over all ban against male crossplay. With the new system all cosplayers will have their registration cards defined in colour one for men and one for women.



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