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Composers and producers who’ve given the golden age of TV and Film its shine.

In celebration of some of the most exciting films and television programs and the pioneering work of those involved in them in contemporary cinema, G4me0ver is proud to present ‘The Big Score’. A celebration of those very often (ahem) unsung heroes of the screen, composers and producers, the serial will feature both the work of up-and-coming artists, as well as some of the more household names on the scene. Enjoy!


If you haven’t seen Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth yet, then do. Sometimes Shakespeare adaptations can seem a little thin on the ground, or like they don’t do the original texts justice. There have been so many attempts over the years, from the big budget Olivier classics to those we’d all rather not speak of (an early Angelina Jolie film Love Is All There Is – 1996, being a particularly noteworthy cringefest from start to finish). Macbeth (2015) however stands up as not just one of the best films of its year, but one of the finer screen productions in recent memory, not least because of it’s haunting (so to speak) score, courtesy of Jed Kurzel, Justin’s younger brother.macbeth

Employing cellos and violins that ponderously clamber over one another, drawing out every note, Kurzel manages to induce a transportive experience from a composition which draws its strength from the sheer forecast of a crescendo that never quite unfolds. With the pace and tone of a funeral march and an absence of any staccato breaks, the music underpins the frequent slow motion shots capturing Fassbender at his most tortured and contemplative, while also giving the audience the sense of a conflict that, much like in the play, takes time to develop and is all about character as opposed to action. Avoiding cliché, like the use of bagpipes, the finished product is eerily reminiscent of the Scottish highlands in the drear of dark nights, without needing to situate itself with anything cheap or corny. It’s very much a compliment to the cinematic elements of the on-screen dialogue and action, taking a backseat to the visual aspects and narration in the film, but this is Shakespeare after all.

mess_080501010537587_wideweb__300x375Although the Macbeth score might be the reason the Australian born singer-songwriter-guitarist finds his place in this segment, over the last few years Kurzel has built up not only a reputation for his work in other films: The Snowtown Murders (2011), Son Of A Gun (2014), and the critically acclaimed The Babadook (2014), he’s also a founding member of award winning band The Mess Hall. A blues rock outfit that have risen to prominence in their home country, Kurzel is their lead singer and guitarist, a must listen for fans of Kurt Vile and Eels.

He’s also creating the soundtrack for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, so regardless of the validity or quality of video game adaptations to film, it seems like a pretty safe bet that the music will be more than solid if his past work is anything to go by.


– Max Colbert



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