Assassin’s Creed Movie Gets Second Trailer

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It’s only a few months away now, 20th Century Fox’s Assassin’s Creed has got quite a big buzz sarong it. An especially large amount of buzz for a video game adaptation which, and gets be honest, is a genre that is notorious for flops.

The second trailer (watch the first here) shows off more of Micheal Fassbenders character, or characters I should say, Callum Lynch (present day) and Aguilar (15th Century) get fleshed out a little bit more as we can see him training to be an Assassin during the time of the Spanish Inquisition and at Abstergo during the present day.

It was confirmed a while back the the film would be 60/40 split between it’s time frames with the majority being given to the present day assassins something which the game do not do. Coupled with the fact that it is in a time period and involves characters not featured in any of the games we are cautiously optimistic that this film has a little more originality than your run of the mill video game adaptation.

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