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Klonoa getting anime adaptation


Final Fantasy XV has gone gold

It's true Final Fantasy XV is complete

Tokyo Comic-con Crosspaly Ban

Once again, December will mark the arrival of Tokyo Comic-Con; a landmark event for fans of creatives, characters and cosplay in all forms of media.The Tokyo event, however, suffers one major ideological difference from its Western counterpart (San Diego Comic

Uncharted Movie Gets Director

Nathan Drake Collection Wallpaper Demo G4meover Uncharted

Uncharted gets director

Journey To Valhalla:- Vikings (Non-Spoiler)

Vikings in my opinion is one of the greatest television shows currently being shown at the moment, and if you haven’t already watched it but love HBO‘s extremely successful Game Of Thrones, I  hope to encourage you to give this

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

Red Dead Redemption 2