South Park: Skank Hunt Review

South Park goes on a troll hunt

South Park season 20 debut episode “Member Berries” had too many storylines and remained unfocused. Jumping back and forth between the US Presidential campaign, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Black Lives Matter and Internet trolls to name a few of the topics covered. Luckily episode two “Skank Hunt” is a more focused episode.

This week the show eschewed poking fun at Trump and Clinton, even though it is the most topical storyline. Instead Matt and Trey refocused on the resident Internet troll Skankhunt42 and his campaign of terror on the women and girls of South Park. Last week we were introduced to Skankhunt42 and he twist at the end of the episode revealed that it wasn’t Cartman as everyone had suspected but Gerald Brofloski, Kyle’s dad, who was to blame.skank-hunt-1

It’s not often we get a Gerald centric episode more often than not if it’s an adult towns member causing trouble in an episode it’s Randy, it’s nice to have a switch up every now and again. While nobody can compete with Randy, Gerald comes very close and watching him gleefully terrorise mothers and innocent school girls with his internet comments; there’s one scene where Gerald in on fire, flying from one message board to the next ad all set to the sound of Boston; it’s bizarre surreal and just so South Park.


What makes the story funnier to me was that there is seemingly no reason for Gerald’s behaviour. It feels like there will be no big reveal for why Gerald has suddenly taken to preying on people online he just enjoys it plain and simple. Most shows when portraying an Internet troll will characterise them as a lone teenage boy living in his parent’s basement, someone with no social skills and is very probably bullied at school. Gerald is none of these things he is happy in life, has friends and a happy marriage he has no underlying reason he just likes causing trouble and thank god he does.


Because of Skankhunt42’s actions there is a rift in South Park Elementary between the boys and girls. Both sides assume Cartman is to blame and when one girl decides to take herself off twitter forever the magnitude of what Skankhunt42 could do becomes apparent to the children. In a scathing look at societies obsession with social media when this girl decides to remove herself from twitter it is treated as a suicide. The school is in mourning never again will they be able to see her smiling face…in selfies on twitter. She wondered the halls of South Park Elementary almost as a ghost after the fact. Which prompted one boy to threaten to do the same and pose Mr Mackey, who wasn’t very present in the previous season with a moral dilemma as he desperately tries to stop Scott Malkinson from pulling the plug on his Twitter account too.


Heidi just before she ends her social life

The boys have had enough and decide to take matters in there own hands, they lure Cartman out into the woods at night, under the pretence that they are going to play Counter Strike all night long. Whilst in the cabin they ceremoniously destroy all of Cartman’s gadgets so he can no longer get on line. There is an amazing “What have we done?” moment when the next day Skankhunt42 strikes again and the boys realise that Cartman was really telling the truth.


It was all for naught as the girls then reveal their master plan to get revenge on the boys for the trolling. In one swift and devastating move, complete with melodramatic music, the girls destroy the boys in a wonderfully silly and perfectly school girl coup de grâce.

It’s hard to tell if the Skankhunt42 story line will drive the entire season yet and I’m not entirely sure that it can. As funny as this episode was there is only so far you can go with it; but like last season I’m sure it will develop into something entire different by episode ten and for now I will have to wait to see the effects of the girls revenge on the boys. As for Gerald, well he starts an Internet flame war with the whole of Denmark, and I’m certain we haven’t heard the last of Garrison vs. Clinton or Member Berries.

– Dan P



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