CD Projekt Red now worth $1BILLION

Thanks in no small part to the Witcher

CD Projekt Red, the division of CD Projekt and the makers of the insanely brilliant AAA game franchise “The Witcher” are now worth over $1billion dollars on the stock market.

This is significant because, in a world of Activisions, EAs, Sonys and Ubisofts, it’s great to see a mostly independent games developer reach big league financial figures.
Yes, the previously mentioned developers and companies are worth multiple billions, but each of them has numerous big titles in their roster and several tentpole franchises to their name. CDPR has just The Witcher franchise. A franchise that is of a consistently high quality, always pushing boundaries in terms of graphics, combat systems and most importantly, narrative.
Call of Duty and Fifa might make more sales year-on-year, but each subsequent, same-seeming addition to those franchises is discarded within a year in favour of the newer but fundamentally no different follow up.
Contrastingly, each Witcher game has multiple times the longevity, intrigue and complexity of any given blockbusting FPS. I still havent finished the first The Witcher, and the third has seen TWO full size expansion packs, each of which could be its own game.
What we see here is evidence that people want quality and truly interesting experiences and that they lean on same old/same old as a crutch.
We’ve got a long time to go before The Witcher is dead.




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