System Shock 3 is officially official

You, my children, are the fruits of so much imagination and labor

It was teased last December but nobody really seemed to take notice, infact the then rumoured bioshock collection garnered more attention than a small teaser from OtherSide Entertainment.

– System Shock remaster was announced a while back.

Well now it’s really happening, development has official started on System Shock 3. The game is being led by Warren Spector, who has worked on games suck as Deus Ex and Thief: The Dark Project.

Not much else has been said of the sequel apart from this: SHODAN the AI from the previous entries will be back and on top of that she will be voiced by her original voice artist, Terri Brosius.

We will update as soon as news occurs. Are you excited for the new System Shock? Let us know in the comments

– Dan P



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