Dark Souls


Prepare to die, again and again and again…

When it comes to the Souls series G4me0ver as a whole has racked up a combined playtime of…well we’ve lost count but some would deem us mentally insane and that isn’t even including Demon Souls as it is not officially canon by the developers. So when it came down to picking a personal favourite a lot goes into consideration, from the story to the locations found in each game, even down to the DLC, everything is taken into account.

So after much consideration and some infighting we have decided on the one that started it all, Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition. From the first time you blindly walk into the Undead Burg you know this game is like nothing you have played in the last decade and that everything that moves in this game was created with one thing in mind to bring you physical and mental pain, everyone will always remember their first Souls game whether it’s the originals Ornstein and Smough boss battles to DS 2’s Crown of the Ivory King DLC, delivering some of the best experiences to be found in the series. All the way up to the most recent addition to the series where you can find some of the most beautiful locations  to date such as Irithyll and Archdragon Peak every place you discover is breathtaking.

The Dark Souls universe is constantly growing, most recently Dark Soul’s 3 has had the Ashes of Ariandel DLC announced, the trailer for which is right here

So what was your most loved entry in the Souls series and why?

– Aaron



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