Event[0] Release Date Announced

Welcome Aboard The Nautilus

On september 14th Event[0] is coming to PC and Mac through Steam and the Humble Store. Event[0] is a first person exploration science fiction game with a healthy dose of text adventure thrown in for good measure. It was one of our top picks from Eurogamer this year (2016) you can read our preview here.

Developed by Ocelot Society, a small french developer Event[0] has heavy inspiration from the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Being stranded on the Nautilus in deep space you must appease the ships AI, Kaizen, to convince him to help you as you try to find a way home. Speaking in plain english you interact with Kaizen as you explore and restore the derelict ship and work out what happened to the rest of the crew.

So are you as excited as we are to finally play Event[0]? let us know in the comments below

– Dan P



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