Metal Gear Survive and the Fall of Metal Gear

With Gamescom 2016 under way, gamers have been treated to a plethora of new gaming info however so far the biggest surprise (for me at least) was the announcement and trailer for “Metal gear Survive”. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

This title is notable for being the first Metal Gear game since Hideo Kojima’s departure and it definitely shows. When I first watched it I was genuinely excited, we return to a familiar scene of Mother Base burning and falling apart into the ocean as Big Boss and Kaz make their escape. We then see a member of MSF left behind among all the chaos. At this point my mind was going wild with possibilities. Maybe the soldier manages to escape and has to travel across war-torn countries to reunite with Big Boss, or maybe he sets up his own Private Military Group like we see in MGSV: The Phantom Pain! And then we get to the 30 second mark, where the Soldier and the rest of Mother Base get sucked into a magical portal…

Now I know the Metal Gear series has previously had elements of ‘magic’ for example the Sorrow and his hauntings, Psycho Mantis with his telekinesis and ability to read minds and even Fortune and here death-defying ability to avoid bullets however these examples were never a huge part of the story which stayed more grounded and realistic (realistic when compared to these magical feats anyway). On top of that these examples are never really explained almost as if the characters are just ignoring them altogether. For example when Fortune manages to deflect bullets without the device given to her by Ocelot the only acknowledgement we get of it is Ocelot saying “Maybe you actually CAN deflect bullets!”. This is why seeing this giant portal suck up all of Mother Base is so jarring, it didn’t feel like Metal Gear at all.

Our poor Soldier wakes up on a seemingly alien world and is attacked by some sort of human rock zombie with a red antenna sticking out of its neck where its face should be. After fending off the weird rock zombie the Soldier is joined by 3 others with some improvised weapons including a dagger on a stick. After showing off a few more impromptu weapons like a bow and arrow and a few more rock zombies the gang find what remains of Mother Base with the trailer telling us that our goal is to “Make it back home” before showing the title and ending leaving me to wonder exactly what the hell I just watched.

I know we don’t have any gameplay or anything else other than the trailer to go on, but I already fail to see why for the love of God this should be a Metal Gear game. Metal Gear, the games of ‘Tactical Espionage Action’ not the generic 4 player co-operative zombie horde mode. A representative of Konami did say stealth features in the game despite its action oriented trailer but everything they displayed seems more at home as a Resident Evil game rather than Metal Gear.

Is this Konami’s way of trying to distance the Metal Gear franchise as far away from creator Hideo Kojima as possible? Or is this evidence that only Kojima is able to do the series justice as Konami’s first attempt without him fails spectacularly to even feel remotely like it belongs in the series itself. Could this be the downfall of one of gaming’s most beloved series or will I eat my words when Metal Gear Survive brings a fresh new twist on my favourite video game series? I suppose we will just have to wait and see although I’m expecting the worst.

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