Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo  Magnitude 8.0 review


The world of anime is filled with a number of completely realized worlds that engross the audience in the creator’s imagination from the battlegrounds and lore of the fate franchise to the deserts and solunes of trigun, some can even portray a range of emotions sending the viewer on a more realistic and detailed journey intern giving the show its own personality. very few however poses the ability to move the viewer making them stop and think about the story that is unfolding before their eyes and even fewer still have the subtle touch to bring a person to the brink of tears.

A tail of two siblings (the story)

TM8.0 tells the story of siblings Mirai and her younger brother Yūki as they are caught in the center of one of japan’s biggest natural disasters in its country’s history an earthquake that measured 8.0 on the richter scale. the incident left downtown tokyo in complete chaos and the brother and sister are right at its centre.

During the aftermath of the seismic tremors Mirai and Yuki are assisted by a female motorcyclist Mari they make a promise to make the journey home together safely to their waiting families mari to her mom and her young daughter and mirai and yuki to there mother and father.

The story is told through 11 episodes, each of which leave the audience in anticipation for the next installment in the trios journey across the ever moving land of japan, all episodes end in a way that has you constantly fearing for the safety of the show small but powerful cast in the same ways that some of today’s big budget live action shows do.

In the past there has been numerous anime that have tried to successfully exacut a story that creates a believable bond between family and friend but more times than not it feels forced and unnatural but TM8.0 has proven that this is possible and has surpassed many of its predecessors in its genre.

co-produced by Bones and Kinema Citrus, TM8.0 has a look that any fan of studio Bones will now at first glance that there production quality has remained intact. with outstanding backdrops and an overall attention to detail bouns help add a much welcome level of earthliness to TM8.0.

tokyo mag 2

It’s all about the feel’s (The cast)

The three central characters/voice actors of the series are truly the heart of TM8.0 and without their ability to believably portray the human psyche i feel that TM8.0 might not have had the impact that it did on its audience.

You really get the sense that Mirai is constantly looking out for her little brother Yūki and by the end of the series all of the cast has grown as people and the experience of the last few days will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The writers and directors ability to realistically portray with such effectiveness a disaster on such scale without compromising or holding content back that may be deemed too graphic for younger viewers. I believe this choice has worked in favour for the overall narrative of the show and helps bring a new level of emotion and realism that can be seen through the child like eyes.

The verdict

TM8.0 is a little hidden gem in the ever expanding media of anime and is one that should not be missed from is three lovable leads to the overall look provided by studio bones that gives the series that look of urban war against mother nature herself.

An unmissable anime for any fans of Clannad,your lie in april and Anohana.


  • The series has the ability to effectively portray the effects and aftermath of natural disasters
  • Having a complex and believable mane cast
  • A powerful cast of  relatively unknown voice actors
  • The presence of studio Bones is undeniable


  • Some small drops in quality in animation
  • the anime suffers from the curse of the 11 episode sindrom that the series seems rushed at some points.
  • The anime can only end one way.




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