Preacher S1.06 Review ‘Sundowner’

After 5 Episodes stuck questioning what the almighty power is that is given to Jesse we’re finally told it’s Genesis (something formed from an Angel and Demon that came together in secret), and although we’re not told of its full potential we hear from DeBlanc that it’s incredible. The episode picks up directly where the last one left off with the two Angels finally confronting Jesse. With Fiore and DeBlanc being as paranoid as they are (and rightfully so) they spot a seraphim and do their best to stop her. But she, like them, can ‘reinvigorate’ and pops back out. Fiore, DeBlanc and Jesse drive back to the Motel.


What follows is the most interesting fight scene of this series so far. As none of the higher beings can really die (at least, not in a way we’ve seen) the fight is ongoing. There are failed attempts to capture the seraphim and Jesse does well to hold his own against her. Bodies pile up, the room becomes unrecognisable and just when you think they’ve got her, Cassidy walks his way in and shoots her in the head. They eventually get to a stage where she is dismembered by Fiore and unable to reinvigorate. At this point Fiore and DeBlanc demand that Jesse return Genesis, citing that no one should have it, and that the majority Heaven and Hell don’t know about it in the first place. Jesse refuses, using his power to have them leave him alone while he rides off with Cassidy.




This concludes a very action intense opening section, more than we’ve seen so far. The show has done a great job with pacing the action sequences out. Not just as the series develops as a whole, but within the pacing of each individual episode. This can only lead to be more excited for what the rest of the season has in store.


What happens next slows the pace right down. Tulip and Emily start to bond after Tulip storms into Emily’s house and breaks her daughter’s art project. After getting an ear full from Emily, Tulip tried to make amends by fixing the broken toy. The two eventually become civil towards each other, with Tulip offering to help look after Emily’s daughter while she’s running errands for the Church. Understandably, Emily spoke of some worries and Tulip offered to run the errands herself.


The bonding of these two characters isn’t quite so interesting. Despite them being linked by Jesse we see nothing of their thoughts on him conflict with the other. What is interesting here is how Tulip is looking to help Emily, and by extension, Jesse in his mission. She’s spent so long trying to persuade him that he’s in the wrong and now it seems she’s having a change of heart.


While Jesse and Cassidy are washing their bloody clothes from the fight they discuss their tattoos. Cassidy puts most of his down to being young, while Jesse has stories to go with his. One of them is a tulip, directly linking to relationship that him and Tulip had. Cassidy hadn’t clocked onto this and probably would have had if it wasn’t for his vampirism.


Not long after we find Jesse attaching a speaker to the front of the church while Cassidy advises against keeping Genesis. It’s hard to tell whether or not he’s doing this because of the purpose Jesse is using it for, or whether he’s also against anyone having that kind of power.




Towards the end of the episode Jesse is joined by Mayor Miles. He is vague in the questions he puts forward to the preacher but the audience is aware of the matter he speaks of. There is no mention of Quincannon, or the deaths of the Green Acre Group employees and the Miles leaves without getting an answer to his question of doing right to wrong.


It would be interesting to know how Miles immediately dealt with the actions of Odin in the previous episode. Despite knowing of Odin’s turn towards God he sees the man shoot down 4 people without so much as flinch. Did he not want to tell Jesse out of the knowledge that he had believed Odin in is God serving pledge, to save hurting his feelings? Was it purely to cover his own back and lessen the amount of attention given to this event?


It’s around this point Cassidy realises Tulip is Jesse’s Tulip. Shocked that both of them are at the church Cassidy and Tulip find themselves questioning each other’s place. Cassidy is hid behind the door while Jesse is further intrigued as to why Tulip is helping out of nowhere.


I’ve left the mention of Eugene (or Arseface, as IMDB have him down as) until the end because it triggers on the biggest turning points for Jesse. Throughout the episode Eugene has seen kindness reached out to him from fellow school kids, one of them being the brother of Tracy Loach. While Eugene is uneasy he accepts them, to the point where the children take him to a culvert and show him a firework going off.




It’s because of this he goes to Jesse, just before he’s about to meet the many people who have come to his service. He knows he did something to Terri Loach, that allowed her to forgive him for the wrong he did to Tracy. He asks for it to be taken back, citing that it wasn’t right and that it was like cheating. Along with that, he told Jesse that it was people’s choices on whether or not they choose to see the light of God, that it shouldn’t be forced upon them.


Jesse turns dark at this moment, seeing this as a way to save the town, keep his promise and be free. He’s taken the use of Genesis to achieve this, without knowing the consequences of his actions. While he started the season as a man really trying to help the people for the sake of them, he wants to do this just for himself. He refuses to hear the reasoning that Eugene is giving him, saying that what he is doing is a sin. Jesse won’t stand to lectured by someone like Eugene on sinning, and in his anger tells Eugene to go to Hell. Eugene disappears with thud, and Jesse barely reacts as he realises the full weight of what he’s just said.


To finish, Miles is on the phone, making up excuses as to why he hasn’t answered the Green Acre Group’s calls. The episode finishes with him explaining that there has been a terrible accident while an upturned car that has been burnt to crisp is next to him.


This is definitely the strongest episode yet. I have to praise the pacing of the season, and while the first few episodes simply left too many questions floating about, they have finally started to see answers in this episode. Cassidy felt a little left out in this one, only having a couple of minutes to screen time at each of his appearances. I have high hopes that the next episode can continue the curve upwards and keep the awesome pace going!


What do you think of this episode? How do you think it compares to the comics?


– Bean



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