Mass Effect Andromeda E3 and my hate for dev diary’s

Possibly one of the most disappointing things from this year’s E3 press conference came from bioware’s Andromeda Trailer, if you can call mashing a development diary, live action and snippets of gameplay together a trailer. They would probably have been better off just walking on stage and telling us fans that they would like some more time to work on our first gameplay trailer and that it will be ready when it’s ready, but what we got was THAT.

When it comes to E3 I am a strong believer that the devs bring their A game or they go home, We are seasoned gamers, we are the people that know what E3, Pax and the Nintendo game show is. We don’t care if we have to wait an extra year or 7 (am looking at you The Last Guardian). Just give us something when it’s ready, not in development. Do you know how many trailers we have been given for games that were nowhere near completion? A metric shit-tonne.

Digression aside, we were treated to some really nice looking gameplay and locations from a new ship called the tempest witch looks to be the new normandy to a wide rang of planets all with different ecosystems and wildlife.  E3 has me thinking about some of my most loved games of all time; with We Happy Few I am reminded of one of my most highly praised games in Bioshock, and the likes of final fantasy 15 with its over-the-top titan fight has once again got me enthralled with the FF franchise (and the entry that popped my gaming cherry and turned me into a full-time gamer, FF9). Hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life I’ve devoted to the FF series alone, but the first game that truly had me enthralled with a world, hell a whole universe, was obviously the original Mass Effect. The voice acting, the cultures, the graphics, the absolutely amazing elevator music (lol) I love it all and i think this in some way has me more disappointed than angry, I feel like bioware could’ve missed a year of E3 and everyone would have been ok with it.



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