Halo Wars 2 first impressions

When the original halo wars hit store shelves back in early 2009 fan of the franchise were pleasantly surprised that the switch to RTS was a welcome addition to the series. With a combat system the worked both on pc and consoles with relative ease combined with an engrossing story mode and you have one of the best spin off of the halo universe.

Skip to 2016’s Microsoft E3  show and we were treated with the world premier of Halo Wars 2 and it was a double whammy a CG trailer then straight into a gameplay montage each one better than the last. The new entry appears to be better in every way to its predecessor with a wider selection of combat units both in infantry and air forces combine this with the sheer scale of the battles and you now that this is going to be a staple for 343 ones more.

Will Halo Wars 2 live up to the fans expectation? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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