E3 2016: Death Stranding

Kojima is here to confuse once again

A big surprise at sony’s press conference was when Hideo Kojima suddenly walked out on stage to debut the trailer for his new game Death Stranding. Nobody was expecting Kojima to be at E3 this year let alone that we would see anything of his new mystery game. Boy are we glad that we did.

Kojima Productions have sure been hard at work and much like the original trailer for The Phantom Pain, Death Stranding leaves us both baffled and extremely excited. It is cool to see Norman Reedus involved in the project, initially he and Kojima were working together on the now cancelled Silent Hills game.

There is a very obvious message about the effects of humans on nature here with Reeds waking up on a beach covered in oil and the William Blake poem “Auguries of Innocence” playing over the top.

Keep tuned for more information on Death Stranding as it becomes available.

– Dan P



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