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Game of Thrones S6/E9 “Battle of the Bastards” Review

A Divergence of Dragons

HBO’s Westworld reboot gets teaser trailer

West World teaser

VIDEO: Game of Thrones S6/E8 “No One” Discussion

An episode of mostly filler This week, it’s just Mat and Dan sitting down for a chat about the latest episode of HBO’s apparently sprawling, character driven, unpredictable epic, and yet, this episode proved that whoever is writing this season

Mr. Robot_2.0. Everything we know so far.

Information wants to be free.

Mr. Robot 2.0 promotional poster art released

Banksy style street art posters for Mr. Robot_2.0

Mass Effect Andromeda E3 and my hate for dev diary’s

Possibly one of the most disappointing things from this year’s E3 press conference came from bioware’s Andromeda Trailer, if you can call mashing a development diary, live action and snippets of gameplay together a trailer. They would probably have been